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Renewable Energy Solutions - Wind and Solar

Windmill SCADA

Windmill Capacitor Bank Installation and Integration

Bangui Windfarm Central SCADA Installation

Solar Panel Supply and Installation

Windmill to Substation Interfacing

Siemens Windmill SCADA Server Panel

Siemens Windmill Bldg in Denmark

Siemens Denmark Windfarm Panels

Siemens Denmark Windfarm Panel

Siemens Denmark Windfarm SCADA Orientation



Electrical Power, Genset, Control Panel Installation and Monitorings


Building Management System and Auxillary System Installation

Smoke Exhaust Mimic

DeLaSalle Henry Sy Sr. Hall BMS SCADA

Electrical Power Control and Monitoring

Genset Real-time Analysis

Citect SCADA / VijeoCitect SCADA Programming

Electrical Power Control and Monitoring 1

Substation Power Parameters Monitoring

Siemens PLC Programming Applications

Schneider Electric PLC Programming Applications

A-Place Building Management System Installation

Lasalle Building Management System Installation

Marine Instrumentation, Automation, and Electrical Servicing

nstallation of Actuators

Overall Monitoring of Analogue Gauges

Engine Control and Monitoring System

Calibration of Electronic Equipments

Auxillary Engine Parameter Monitoring/ Replace

Navigational Lights Replace/Repair

Main Engine Sensor Installation/Calibration

Magsaysay Oil Tanker

Vietnam Patrol Ship Servicing

Oil Tanker Main Engine Control Panel Installation

Vietnam Patrol Ship Engine Control and Monitoring Console

Generator Automatic Synchronizing and Load Sharing Control Panel

Magsaysay Oil Tanker 1