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Marine Instrumentation, Automation, and Electrical Servicing

- Installation/Integration of PLC and SCADA/HMI systems with your ship's Remote Terminal Units(RTU's) for centralized control and monitoring.

  • Engine Monitoring
  • Auxiliary Monitoring
  • Alarm Monitoring System
  • Touch Screen Alarm and Monitoring
  • Cargo Oil Tank Monitoring
  • Level Alarm Monitoring

Building Management System and Auxillary System Installation

- Providing the best technological system automation and Auxillary System like CCTV and Building Access Controls, Fire and Security Alarms, LAN & WAN, IP PBX

  1. Mechanical
    • Fan Coil Unit (FCU - VRF)
    • Air Handling Unit - AHU
    • Air Cooled Condensing Unit (ACCU)
    • Energy Recovery Ventilator
    • Carpark Exhaust Fan
    • Kitchen Exhaust Fan
    • Wall Exhaust Fan
    • Jet Fan
    • Smoke Extraction Fan
    • Stairwell Pressurization Fan
    • Elevator Shaft Pressurization Fan
    • Liquified Petroleum Gas
    • Day Tank
    • Fuel Pump
    • Pressurization Blowers
    • Elevator System
  2. Fire Protection (Mechanical)
    • Fire Reserved Tank
    • Fire Pump
    • Jockey Pump
  3. Plumbing/Sanitary
    • Potable Water Tank
    • Non-Potable Water Tank
    • Sump Pit
    • Sewage Pit
    • Sewage Tank
    • Sewage Pumps
    • Water Feature Pump
    • Bacnet TCP/IP
    • Raw Water Pump
    • STP
    • Rain Water Tank
    • Rain Water Pumps
    • Cistern Tank
    • Cistern Pumps
    • Elevator Pit Pumps
    • Elevator Pit
  4. Electrical
    • Generator Sets
    • GPS (GenSet Parelleling Switchgear)
    • Lighting Control Circuit
    • Light at Common Area
    • Power Meter
    • Access Control System
  5. Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Raw Water Pump (STP)
  6. Fuel Pumps and Tanks
    • Fuel Oil Pump
    • Fuel Day Tank
    • Fuel Storage Tank
  7. Material and Installation
  8. Other

Renewable Energy Solutions – Wind and Solar

- Solar, Power, Wing Power, Biogas, Hydro Power, Geothermal, Thermal Biomass Power using Boiler and Turbine with Centralized Control

  • MVSG (Medium Voltage Switch Gear) Remote Control and Status Monitoring
  • MVSG Power Meters Remote Monitoring 13KV and 69KV
  • PV (Photo Voltaic) Remote Monitoring
  • Protection Relay Panel Monitoring
  • 69KV Transformer Protection Relay Remote Monitoring
  • Disconnect Switch (Grid) Remote Control Monitoring
  • Weather Station Remote Monitoring
  • Integration with the requirement of National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP)

Electrical Power, Genset, Control Panel Installation and Monitorings

- Electrical works of Industrial Plants, Gensets and Marine Electricals. Offering the complete solution to monitor all aspects of the electrical distribution system

PLC, HMI, Scada Programming Applications

- We do PLC/DCC programming as well as SCADA programming for all types of applications.